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โ€œWhen you protect the coast, you secure the future of our next generationโ€

Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.

CCEF is a recognized leader in Coastal Resource Management who commits to create Sustainable Coasts and Involved communities

The protection and management of the marine environment is our central focus. CCEF strives to conserve and manage coral reefs and other ecosystems, including its resources, while promoting sustainable uses for the benefit of the people throughout time.

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Biodiversity Assessment

Surveys are conducted to evaluate the current state of corals, reef fishes, and macro-invertebrates for MPA establishment

Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Recovery Capacity Building

Through coral transplantation, typhoon-damaged reefs and fisheries are allowed to regenerate and recover. This is done in partnership with the local community.

MPA Establishment and Implementation

Establishing and redesigning MPAs are done to address the challenges in coastal communities and increase the protected area space. These MPAs are also promoted as ecotourism.

Research and Monitoring

Through coral transplantation, typhoon-damaged reefs and fisheries are allowed to regenerate and recover. This is done in partnership with the local community.

Documentation and Maintenance

Mangrove and beach forest species in project sites are identified and documented. Maintenance of mangrove plantations is conducted by removing unwanted bio-fouling creatures such as barnacles, oysters and other garbage as well.


Coastal Forest rehabilitation activities are done with partner schools, private and public organizations to raise awareness on the importance of mangrove and beach forest ecosystems.

CRM Youth Camp Training

A 3- day training designed to mold youth participants to become responsible stewards of life and the environment. Leadership skills, concrete action plans to be institutionalized in their communities, natural resource integration, basic ecology, and coastal ecosystem appreciation are also included.

Research and Monitoring

Through coral transplantation, typhoon-damaged reefs and fisheries are allowed to regenerate and recover. This is done in partnership with the local community.

Organizational Capability Building Training for Peopleโ€™s Organization (PO)

A 2-day training designed to support organizational needs involving leadership in the context of CRM. Stand-alone modules includesย  Team Building, Values Formation, Basic Gender Orientation and Financial Management may be offered when Training Needs Assessment indicate such needs.

Calero Youth Leadership Camp 2018

Youth members of Barangay Calero, Liloan, Cebu participated in a two-day formation activity in Danasan Eco-Park, Danao last April 26-27. Apart from leadership and unity, central to their learning were the values of self-awareness, service and stewardship.

CCEF understands the value of honing young minds in nation-building. By using group settings as a platform for leadership, we make sure that the environment becomes a priority even for teens. We look forward to having our camp alumni take on future roles as changemakers of this society. There is much to be done and with their enthusiasm, ALL is POSSIBLE!

CCEF Dive Training, May 31-June 3, 2018

Accountant Mariza Calumpang, Marketing and Resource Mobilization Officer Lloyd Yosoya and Communications and Development Officer Michiko Je Bito-on were trained by Roxie Diaz, a dive instructor of Scuba School Internationalย  and former CCEF technical staff.

The training took place off the coast of Mactan, Cebu and culminated in a graduation dive near the San Vicente MPA, Olango Island.

As licensed open water divers, they are now equipped with the necessary skills to explore seas independently without instructors but within a depth of 60 feet. This staff development initiative will be used towards the creation of business units which center on MPA Sustainable Ecotourism.

UNICO- S.U.S.T.A.I.N. Project

Jesus Barbadillo is a champion for Coastal Law Enforcement (CLE) in the Province of Siquijor. Get to know what it means to protect municipal waters as a component to sustainable coasts and involved communities.


Sustainability became the central theme in a three-day exhibition hosted by the People on the Move for Development (PMD) of University of San Carlos. With the goal of spreading awareness on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Addressing issues on SDG goal number 14: Life Below Water,ย  CCEF Communications and Development Officer Michiko Bito-on answered questions by students and interested individuals on coastal conservation and threats to sustainability. Present and former CCEF staff gathered in the events area in support of theย  exhibit.

“This is about shared responsibility and everyone is part of the huge task of raising public awareness on the different environmental issues we are facing today, ” said Emma Melana, DENR OIC-Assistant Regional Director for Management Services during her welcoming remarks.

Present during the activity were several CSOs operating within Cebu City, including the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. Mother Ignacia House, Mega Cebu, DENR-Region VII, Barangays Labangon and Compostela, Cebu, World Vision,ย  and others. Booths showcased information and education materials on different causes, as well as products by communities.

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โ€œWhile Iโ€™m still alive and my health condition is in good term and so I am willing to work in CCEF on the coming more years. I feel so contented and happy with my job as I was not just working but also I'm helping the environment by being part of CCEF which is into conserving coast"...

โ€œIf youโ€™re so satisfied with your work, you would be committed. Though I was still an undergraduate, CCEF molded me to be the best that she could be and gave her the chance to showcase her skills and knowledge that basically developed herself...

"My experiences in CCEF is somewhat a rewarding experience filled with adventure and learning. CCEF made me learn more about Marine Ecosystems and even improved my communication and leadership skills." ...

"With the support from different organizations such as UP, MENRO, and CCEF, we were able to act on those problems appropriately. I still continue to push more of the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Campaign to take place in order to educate the younger generation about lessons like conservation and protecting mangroves." ...

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CCEF is actively working to monitor the status of marine reserves and improve management for improvement of fisheries for coastal communities. It is also doing coral reef rehabilitation work in response to the need in areas affected by major storms in the past 2 years in the Philippines. The foundation works with a minimum of overhead costs so that 85-90% of all donations contribute directly to these field projects that benefit local communities. Any contribution to these efforts is much appreciated.

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