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About Us

Driven by its passion to create Sustainable Coasts and Involved Communities, CCEF continues to develop and disseminate tools, techniques and research for better marine management. It also promotes integrated coastal management approach that includes marine protected areas (MPAs) localized law enforcement and other participatory best practices.​

Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.

CCEF is a non-stock and non-profit organization registered under the laws of the Philippines. Fully known as Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc., it is composed of innovative and collaborative professionals working “on the ground”, primarily through local governments, with the people of the coastal communities who most directly benefit from a healthy marine ecosystem.


is to improve the quality of life of coastal communities has also led to providing social services above the shoreline, including:

Environment friendly enterprises such as marine ecotourism, seaweed farming, locally-based service businesses and organizing drinking water supply systems

Education Management related to environmental, energy efficiency, governance and financial

Information systems and geographical information systems


The management and sustainable use of Philippine coastal resources through active leadership and participation of coastal communities and stakeholders.

what drives us

Our Mission


To promote and undertake community, local-government and private sector based coastal resource management approaches in specific coastal areas.

Build Leadership

To promote and build leadership capacity for improved coastal resource management through training and learning by doing.

Research & Promote

To conduct research on coastal environment, socio-economic systems and governance of coastal resources and areas to promote improved awareness and knowledge for effective coastal resource management.

Spread Information

To provide an information base on coastal environment and its governance that is easily accessible and provides guidance for improved coastal management.


Conservation, Protection &
Sustainable Management

 of the Coastal and Marine Environment

Build Leadership

 for improved coastal resource management through education, information and learning.

There is a need to chart a course leading to effective local marine management. CCEF believes that such can be achieved with inter-LGU collaboration.

“…CCEF has learned from over 10 years of facilitating CRM in the southern Philippines that harnessing local knowledge and engagement together with shared resources will produce the most effective and coordinated site-specific projects. Such efforts lead to strengthened institutional capacity and uniformly enforced environmental laws and fishery harvest practices over time.”

– Alan White

Excerpt from CCEF brings collaboration to local Marine Management

Where we work

Project Sites

CCEF works in partnership with 51 local government units in eight provinces nationwide.

  • Province of Cebu

San Remegio
Malapascua Island
Camotes Island
Lapu-lapu City
Mandaue City

  • Province of Bohol
  • Province of Batangas
  • Province of Leyte
  • Province of Southern Leyte
  • Province of Negros Oriental
  • Province of Siquijor
  • Province of Camigiun
  • Province of Palawan

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