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WCS-CCEF Hiring: Marine Conservation Adviser

Title: CONSULTANT (Marine Conservation Advisor) – Philippines

Program/Project: Marine Biodiversity and Support of Coastal Fisheries in the Coral Triangle

Location: Philippines

Project term: November 2021 to February 2026 (appx 50 days/year)


The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) recently started a new 6-year project with funding from KfW-EU: Marine Biodiversity and Support of Coastal Fisheries in the Coral Triangle. The overall goal of this project is to contribute to the conservation of the Coral Triangle’s biologically diverse marine ecosystems and important fisheries through the creation and improvement of selected marine protected areas and MPA networks, improved management of some commercially and ecologically important, particularly small-scale, fisheries, improved management linked to selected terrestrial ecosystems, underpinned by sustainable finance models.

Scope of Work

The Marine Conservation Advisor will provide technical assistance to WCS and its partners as it begins and advances implementation of activities focussed in the Bohol Sea ecosystem in the Philippines, specifically activities under Output III of the KfW-EU funded project Marine Biodiversity and Support of Coastal Fisheries in the Coral Triangle. S/he will work closely with and be managed by WCS Associate Director Marine Asia/Pacific and the WCS SEAA Regional Director, and will work closely with WCS staff, in-country partners and consultants, and others to deliver activities under Years 2 to 6 of the project. The consultant will lead on the scoping, design and delivery of some technical inputs. The Marine Conservation Advisor consultant will focus on the following three functions, with estimates of time allocated to each over the life of the project:

  1. Planning and compilation of technical components for Marine Protected Area Network (MPAN) and Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) (85%). On behalf of WCS, the consultant will lead the technical design, compilation and integration of key strategies, including those in the Bohol Sea Ecosystem and Siquijor province. These strategies and activities include those related to (1) Marine Protected Area Network (MPAN) plans (Ridge-to-Reef integrated land-sea planning; conservation finance; and sustainable coastal livelihoods); and (2) Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) (fisheries co-management and EAFM governance for the Bohol Sea).
  2. Project coordination (10%). The consultant will support project coordination by participating in regular Project Coordination Group meetings (virtually or in-person, as travel restrictions permit); helping to facilitate work-planning; and helping to ensure integration of key project elements.
  3. Additional project-related support (5%). Occasionally, the consultant may be requested to assist in development of new funding proposals or other written documentation related to WCS’s efforts in the Philippines.

Schedule and Travel

The consultant will work approximately 50 days annually for a total of 250 days, between 10 November 2021 (or upon completion of tender process) and 28 February 2026.

Dependent on travel restrictions, limited travel to the project site is expected for this consultancy, with all travel to be approved by supervisor(s).


  • PhD or advanced degree in small-scale fisheries management, marine conservation or a related field.
  • At least 10 years of proven experience in: MPA establishment and implementation; sustainable ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries; community-based management; co-management; and conservation program development and management.
  • Knowledge of the issues, existing projects, capacity needs and opportunities associated with working in the Philippines, and specifically in the Bohol Sea ecosystem.
  • Demonstrated understanding of governance processes and proven experience working with government agencies in the Philippines.
  • Excellent English writing and communication skills.
  • Attention to detail and demonstrated success of successful completion of project deliverables.

Preparation and Submission of Proposals

A proposal shall consist of the following:

  1. Technical Proposal that describes how the applicant will address the Terms of Reference, and including a CV describing academic qualifications; overall professional experience; experiences related to the assignment; other skills and experiences (e.g. relevant language skills); and access to additional expertise relevant for the assignment.
  2. Financial Proposal; and
  3. Declaration of Undertaking

All proposals will be checked for administrative and financial compliance. Technical proposals and qualifications will be evaluated only if they meet the financial requirements.


Applicants are required to obtain full Application Package (Tender Notice) from Wildlife Conservation Society, by contacting: (between 11 October 2021 to 2 November 2021)

Ms. Linda Yong,

Regional Grants Manager SEAA region

Wildlife Conservation Society and

Deadline for final proposal submission is 2 November 2021.

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