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Empowering Coastal Law Enforcers in Southeast Cebu Cluster

Empowering Coastal Law Enforcers in Southeast Cebu Cluster

In partnership with Oceana Philippines, CCEF conducted a 3-day Coastal Law Enforcement Training for the Southeast Cebu municipalities’ coastal law enforcers and bantay dagat. This training aims to capacitate the LGUs to improve its enforcement initiatives for effective resource management.

The 3-day training was also attended by several keynote messages from various government agencies who are involved in the enforcement and protection of the coastal and marine environment PNP-Maritime, Philippine Coast Guard-7, Philippine Navy: Naval Force Central, BFAR-7, DENR-7 and other members of the Coastal Law Enforcement Alliance in Region 7 (CLEAR-7)

Some of the highlight lectures during the coastal law enfrocment training tackled topics such as State of Fisheries in Central Visayas by Ms Bruna Abrenica from BFAR, Understanding SLAPP suits and Issues in commercial fishery and remedies for citizens and LGUs by Atty. Rose-liza Osorio, LGU-based enforcement: elements by Atty. Kim Labasan from BFAR, Relevant Fishery Administrative Orders and other issuance and Affidavit making by Atty Mary Rose C. LituaƱas .

An open forum was held to accommodate questions from coastal law enforcers, with the panelists from the different government agencies, PNP-Maritime, Philippine Navy, Philippine Coastguard and PNP Region 7.

The training also gave practical exercises to the coastal law enforcers by teaching them Pre-Boarding and Boarding Protocols and Shipboard arrest techniques by Col Greg Togonon from PNP-Maritime 7 as well as a Plotting exercises workshop facilitated by Mr. Jessie Floren from Oceana.

By the end of the training, each municipality was asked to create and present their own Coastal Law Enforcement Plan during the training, as well as a group discussion on ways to move forward regarding the issues encountered in their MPAs.

Thank you to all the participants for your time and involvement during the training.

Ipatunghay ang atong Kadagatan!

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