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Nurturing Nature: CCEF’s Collaborative Efforts for Bugas Marine Sanctuary Development

Nurturing Nature: CCEF’s Collaborative Efforts for Bugas Marine Sanctuary Development

Last January 22-23, 2024, the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) embarked on a significant journey to the Badian LGU, laying the groundwork for an auspicious plan aimed at the Bugas Marine Protected Area (MPA). The dedicated team engaged in discussions with the mayor’s office, outlining CCEF’s initiatives for the municipality and forging collaborations for sustainable development.

The team’s agenda included a meeting with the Municipal Agriculture Officer, fostering meaningful discussions about the welfare of Barangay Bugas. Additionally, a technical team conducted a Fish Visual Census, laying the foundation for insightful data to be presented during the upcoming Community Assembly. Culminating the visit, CCEF organized an MPA Management Effectiveness Assessment Tool (MPA MEAT) session with the Bugas Farmers Fishermen and Livestock Owners Organization (BUFFALOO).

The two-day activities witnessed the active participation of various groups and sectors, including Pascual T. Tabanao Jr. – Senior Administrative Assistant 3, Benito Secuya Jr. – MAO-LGU Badian, Dario M. Peong – MFARMC Chairman, Erlinda Lockwood – BUFFALOO President, and her members. Additionally, four volunteers generously offered their time and expertise to further CCEF’s cause.

The primary goal of these activities was to strategize and plan for the comprehensive development of the Bugas Marine Sanctuary, focusing on both ecotourism enhancement and MPA redesigning. The initiative also sought to coordinate efforts for effective data collection, employing advanced techniques such as drone mapping to ensure precision and efficiency.

During the MPA MEAT session, the results revealed that the current state of the MPA is at level 0. Despite the seemingly challenging situation, the BUFFALOO community, identified as the guardians of the MPA, expressed unwavering support and dedication to improving their organization and the overall well-being of the marine sanctuary.

In collaboration with the LGU, BLGU, and BUFFALOO, CCEF is committed not only to protecting but also enhancing and fostering the growth of the Bugas MPA and its surrounding community. Their collective vow emphasizes a dedication to service and environmental stewardship.

If you share the same sentiments and value environmental conservation, we invite you to support our endeavors. Partner with us by sending an email to, and together, let’s make a positive impact on Bugas Marine Sanctuary and beyond.

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