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Upcoming: Launching of the Lend A Blue Hand Campaign

Upcoming: Launching of the Lend A Blue Hand Campaign

In addition to the natural vulnerability of our coastal resources to disasters such as typhoons, anthropogenic causes such as pollution, destructive fishing methods, and climate change have added to the destruction of our coastal and marine environment.

With at least 90% of Filipinos who rely on our marine and coastal resources, it is now prime time to take action in preserving the lifeblood of our planet.

This February, CCEF will be launching its Lend A Blue Hand Campaign as a fundraising activity to improve the management of our coastal resources and raise awareness among coastal communities that are managing them.

every blue hand that you pledge to protect our oceans you:

  1. Help secure our marine protected
  2. Empower the local bantay dagat
  3. Ensure proper waste management
  4. Teach children on marine
  5. Creating youth coastal warriors

the protection of our marine and coastal resources by lending a blue hand
today. No amount is too small to help conserve our marine wildlife.

Support through Paypal:

Account email:

Paypal number: 5448-000046

Support through Bank:

RCBC North Reclamation Area

Coastal Conservation and
Education Foundation, Inc.

Account no.: 5-448-000038

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