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CCEF and WCS attended Writing Workshop and Strategic Planning for “SEAS the Future” project

CCEF and WCS attended Writing Workshop and Strategic Planning for “SEAS the Future” project

On February 4-6, 2023, both CCEF and WCS held a three-day activity for the Writing Workshop, a technical and financial writing for the KFW Semi-Annual and Annual Reports. Also, a Strategic Planning for the SEAS the Future initiative. The three-day event seeks to complete the yearly report that will be submitted to KFW and improve relationships with the team in order to effectively accomplish the project’s objectives. CCEF and WCS personnel participated in the activities at the Harold’s Mansion in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.

The first two days of the Write Shop activity are devoted to completing the KFW’s Annual Report. Both CCEF and WCS systematically organized the activities for the semi-annual and yearly reports to be given to KFW, the project’s donor. The conversation is on the important deliverables that must be fulfilled within the first year of the project. Strategy planning and recomposition of teams and team leads were carefully highlighted in order to fulfill the project’s aim. Both teams also took part in Staff Development workshops led by CCEF’s Lloyd Yosoya and WCS’ Kate Lim, with the goal of recalibrating the team’s commitment and passion for the project.

On the third day of the trip, the “Conservation Learning Tour” transported both teams to Bayawan Natural Reserve led by the Executive Director of Talak Foundation Inc., Matt Ward. Both teams learned about a wide range of species, including endemic species, throughout the province. The goal is to reaffirm and re-calibrate the conservation stewardship of the team from a different perspective. The two teams also point out the importance of conservation efforts, not just for the organizations involved but more so for future generations. The company expects to finish all work by the end of February this year.

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