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Cebu City Stakeholders Summit on the Environment

JANUARY 30, 2020— CCEF together with partners Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc. and BCBP CEBU EAST, gathered different stakeholders to converse and respond to pressing environmental issues in Cebu City.

Metropolitan Cebu is one of the country’s most famous coastal urban sprawls. Because Cebu City is at the center of economic activity in the province, there is great pressure on its natural resources, eventually degrading it to the current state that it is in today. Last January 30, CCEF as Chair of the Environmental Sector Committee of the Cebu City Development Council, in partnership with Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc. and the BCBP CEBU EAST will be held a blended (Physical and virtual meeting) Environmental Stakeholder’s Summit as a platform for the different stakeholders to converse and respond to the most pressing environmental issues in Cebu City.

During the workshop, government agencies, NGOs and the academe gave their insights on the problems in Solid Waste Management, Carbon Emissions and Water Sustainability. All discussions during the workshop, including the vision in resolving the issue, recommended actions and policies were documented and will be reported to the City Development Council of Cebu City.

We thank all online and on-site participants of the Cebu City Environmental Stakeholders Summit for helping us step-up initiatives for a better city!

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