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MPA MEAT conducted in Siquijor Province

MPA MEAT conducted in Siquijor Province

credits: Sharmaine Joy C. Diez, RFT

There are a total of twenty-two (22) Marine Protected Areas in Siquijor Province. Six (6) of them were selected for SEAS the Future Project. Last September 6th and 7th of 2022, MPA MEAT was undertaken to evaluate the six MPA learning sites in the six municipalities. On January 9-11, 2023, the CCEF team assisted by WCS team, organized the same tool for the province’s sixteen (16) other MPAs. The Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness Tool (MPA MEAT) was attended by the members of MPA management group, barangay officials, PO members, and a representative from the LGU.

These sixteen (16) MPAs were particularly:

1 Paliton Marine Sanctuary, 2 Catulayan Marine Sanctuary, 3 Tubod Marine Sanctuary, 4 Cangmunag Marine Sanctuary of San Juan; 5 Takbal-bato Marine Sanctuary, 6 Napayong Marine Sanctuary, of Lazi; 7 Candaping B Marine Sanctuary, 8 Bogo Marine Sanctuary, 9 Minalulan Marine Sanctuary of Maria; 10 Bino-ongan Marine Sanctuary of Enrique Villanueva; 11 Nonoc Marine Sanctuary, 12 Taculing-Cangmalag Marine Sanctuary, 13 Sandugan Marine Sanctuary of Larena, and; 14 Luban Marine Sanctuary, 15 Candanay Sur Marine Sanctuary, 16 Candanay Anduhaw Norte Marine Sanctuary of Siquijor, Siquijor.

The activity aims to identify entry points of possible interventions on MPA issues and challenges in order to help enhance protection and conservation efforts of these protected areas. The conversation was supported by carefully probing each level of the questionnaire to generate a conclusive result and to gauge the knowledge and participation of the management body members. Questions were scored and graded provided they satisfied the minimum document standards. Three points were given for each threshold question that was successfully completed. The team would receive a score of zero (0) if the necessary supporting documents were not presented. The overall cumulative scores were computed by summing the MPA scores on each level. The maximum possible score for MPA is eighty-four (84) points which is regarded as excellent (MPA MEAT score system indicated in the previous report).

it is evident that even if the MPA achieves a suitable score in the score indicator but fails to meet important threshold, this does not ensure MPA management level. All metrics must be met for the MPA to pass the level.

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