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Spreading our Wings
Vangie with the newly-installed officers of Filipino Women’s League 2013-2014 R-L. Paula (guest speaker), Connie (Rec-Sec), Irene (President), Liz (Vice President), Lee (Treasurer) Loretta (Assistant Treasurer) Julia (Cor-Sec), Vangie White

Spreading our Wings

In support of its core work in the Philippines, CCEF is attempting to establish mutual relationships with members of the Filipino organizations in English-speaking countries around the world. Our most recent bond was forged by Vangie White, one of the founders of CCEF, and a board member. The occasion was the 43rd Annual Installation of Officers of the Filipino Women’s League (FWL) on January 27 in Wahiawa, Honolulu, USA, at which Vangie was invited to be member.

Based in Hawaii, the FWL’s mission is to cultivate and encourage relationships and interactions among Filipinos in the area; to encourage a closer understanding and appreciation of the Filipino heritage and culture; to perform service to the Filipino community and the community as a whole; to establish a program of scholarship for Filipino students at the local high school level; and to provide consultant and advisory services for the Filipino community in Hawaii. Although the League’s main focus is in the State of Hawaii, several members recently visited Ilocos on a medical mission.

Having Vangie as a member of FWL gives CCEF a platform to tell its story in Hawaii, and serves Filipinos living in Hawaii by giving them much desired information about community-level activities in the Philippines through CCEF. As Filipinos living in foreign countries slowly lose their roots in the Philippines, bonds like this one become their only connection to their home country and culture. At the installation meeting, Vangie gave a presentation about CCEF and some of its projects so that a number of members expressed interest in further interaction with CCEF. In Vangie’s words, “This connection is a good start to spread our wings and pass around the important work of CCEF abroad!”


Evangeline Eban-White

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