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CCEF celebrates the International Day of Action for Rivers
Upstream Cotcot River in Liloan in the Province of Cebu.

CCEF celebrates the International Day of Action for Rivers

In celebration of the International Day of Action for Rivers, CCEF highlights Cotcot River, a river shared by the upland and lowland communities in the municipalities of Liloan and Compostela in the province of Cebu. The river is a source of fresh water, transports and provides organic nutrients to the coasts. Like many other rivers and tributaries in the country today, Cotcot River faces the most common threat: pollution. Whatever is thrown down the river ends up downstream and finds its way to the coast.

Downstream is Barangay Cotcot in Liloan, Cebu where sacksful of trash, mostly plastic and other domestic wastes, were observed. Plastics deposited in river banks smother the life out of plants and animals in the coasts, including the mangrove seedlings and the many other creatures such as crabs, seashells, shrimps living in mangrove forests, seagrass beds and ultimately to coral reefs.

Trash from the upland community get stuck on the mangrove forest.

Let us all take action in raising awareness to keep our rivers and our coasts healthy! Keep garbage out of our rivers! Keep plastics out of our coasts. Join clean-up drives! Lobby for a solid waste management plan in your areas. We can all do our part. Email us at; or like us on Facebook.

Camillia Jane Bollozos

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