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MPA Management Planning kicked off in Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor

MPA Management Planning kicked off in Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor

The MPA management planning was held last March 2 and 3, 2023 in Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor. The two-day workshop was able to gather inputs from stakeholders directly involved in the management of the Municipal LGU’s MPAs. The inputs and details are used to draft management plans per MPA. The workshop was attended by Hon. Nale Vincent J. Masayon-Local Government Unit of Enrique Villanueva, Cecil Hora- MAO, Teresita Jimenez-Fisheries Technician. Attended the workshop also were from the Barangay Local Government Units and People’s Organizations who were from:  (1) Brgy. Bino-ongan, (2) Brgy. Bitaug and Bitaug Fisherfolk Association, (3) Brgy. Tulapos and Tulapos Marine Protected Area Association.

Issues and Learnings:

A. Tulapos MPA also has an issue in archiving documents hence claims / evidence in support for validation are questionable. Retrieval and Record-keeping were raised as suggestions to its management body to keep track records, future MEAT activities, and  supplement any MPA-related endeavors and plans.

B. The establishment of the Bitaug Marine Sanctuary has been laying on the table since 2009 due to political transition, Typhoon Odette, and Community acceptance. The process was floating for more than a decade with just Baseline Biophysical Assessments hence putting the establishment on hold. CCEF will assist in the technical aspect of the proposed MPA, and LGU-MAO  will assist in legal procedures and Barangay Bitaug will coordinate and cooperate in all the processes

C. Bino-ongan MPA has no clearly identified management body thus, Bino-ongan MPA should reorganize its management system and in place a transparent management body with a supporting Municipal Ordinance as its validation.

The workshop also gave an avenue to bring forth knowledge and expand awareness about establishment, management, and significance of Marine Protected Areas. Expected outputs of the activity were able to meet during the two-day workshop thus none was considered not accomplished.

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