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Strengthening Enforcement Collaboration for Healthy Oceans Forum

March 6, 2019 ‖ Alyza Noelle Tan

Forum participants including Atty. Gloria Ramos, Oceana Vice-president, Lisa Digdigan-Foundation for the Philippine Environment, PSupt. Debold Sinas, Regional Director , Police Regional Office VII and CCEF Executive Director, Moonyeen Alava ffffff

March 6, 2019— The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation joins Oceana in its forum called “Strenthening Enforcement Collaboration for Healthy Oceans Forum” at the Cebu Parklane Hotel, Cebu City. The forum aims to involve different stakeholders on the sustainable intervention to deter illegal commercial fishing at municipal waters  Attending the forum are outstanding collaboration among government agencies, enforcers and stakeholders to protect Tañon Strait and ensure sustainable fisheries. The forum showcased also showcased a new technology called the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) which is able to detect night lights used by fishers. According to their data, number of illegal fishers detected has significantly declined through the years, which is probably because of the extensive effort by the NGOs and government agencies. Insignts from the Philippine National Police (PNP Region 7) as well as from fisherfolks and scientists presented their speech as well.

Melissa Wright, Program Officer, Vibrant Oceans Initiative, Bloomberg Philanthropies
Photo by Oceana. Michael Hirschfeld, Chief Scientist and Strategy Officer of Oceana. ffff
Marlito Guidote, Director of Oceana External and Government Relations and his introduction to the Karagatan Patrol

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