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CCEF Teaches Fisherfolk in Argao about MPAs

CCEF Teaches Fisherfolk in Argao about MPAs

Fishing has been one of the oldest professions in the country, and for many years, Filipinos have relied on the bounty of our coastal and Marine Resources. Because of the dwindling fish stocks and the lack of food security in coastal communities, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have become a popular tool in conserving the fisheries.

Belonging to one of the poorest of the poor, fisherfolk in the Philippines stand at the frontlines of the dire effects of overfishing and global warming. For an MPA to be well-managed and improved, it is important that the fisherfolk are made aware of the continuing decline of our fish stocks to gain their support in conserving the marine resources.

Last April 3, CCEF was invited during the Fisherfolk Summit in Argao, to discuss the importance of Marine Protected Areas and the state of Argao MPAs so that the fisherfolk could be made aware of the importance in protecting them. The summit was attended by at least 10 fisherfolk organizations including fish cage “payao” owners, the Mayor and DENR Argao.

CCEF is one of the organizations pushing for sustainable fishing in coastal areas of Cebu and Siquijor so we can secure the future of the next generation. CCEF helps LGUs manage and conserve marine protected areas as well as raise awareness among stakeholders to make sure that the MPA has all the support it needs.

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