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KAALAM: Raising Awareness for Mananga River

KAALAM: Raising Awareness for Mananga River

This month, CCEF conducted KAALAM: Ridge to Reef Environmental Campaign teaching topics on Climate Emergency, Coastal Ecosystems and the State of the Mananga River. The IEC Campaign was conducted in 7 barangays along Mananga River in Talisay City to help raise awareness on the impacts of human activities in the upland to our coastal resources.

After each lecture, participants were asked to join a short workshop on the environmental threats and problems they have encountered in their barangay. Several environmental issues were raised during the workshop: among the most common were the inefficiency of garbage collection, illegal garbage disposal along the river, illegal settlers living near the river, illegal quarrying and collection of sand and gravel.

CCEF is working hand in hand with the Talisay Government to improve the environmental problems in Talisay City. Stay tuned on our website and Facebook page for updates on our work in Mananga. Support our work by donating to CCEF:

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