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SEAklab Coastal Camp 2019
SEAklab Coastal Camp participants during coastal clean-up

SEAklab Coastal Camp 2019


Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) believes that everyone can protect our environment, especially the youth. These young people with passion and knowledge can make a change.

The SEAklab Coastal Camp is designed to enhance the Coastal Resource Management (CRM) leadership potential and environmental awareness of young people as future stewards of the environment, future-policy makers and leaders of the country.

CCEF invited Coastal Leaders to be oriented and trained to become stewards of life and the environment. These leaders are from the University of the Visayas, Municipality of Santander and Barangay Biasong, Talisay.

Project SEAklab- —“ Strengthening Environmental Advocacy through MPA Knowledge, Livelihood Training And Constituency Building” is a three-day youth camp with different activities and places to visit.

The organizers and participants and staff of the SEAklab Coastal Camp.

First day: March 29, 2019

The first day of SEAklab was at Alicia Apartelle, Banilad. Ms. Moonyen Alava, Executive Director of CCEF, welcomed the participants and formally opened the youth camp. Mr. Lloyd Yosoya presented the objectives and goals of the SEAklab Camp. He also included the House Rules and conducted a Pre-test for the participants to answer about the several topics that will be tackled on that day.

Several topics were discussed, including Coastal Resource Management and Marine Conservation by Ms. Moonyeen Alava, Marine Protected Areas by Ms. Alyza Tan, and Solid Waste Management by Hon. Chatch L. Calderon.

Participants writing their expectations from the training.
Participants plays “Paint me a picture” during Bawal Plastic discussion.

Second Day: March 30, 2019

Beach and Coastal Cleanup with participants and staff at Cotcot, Lilioan.
We would like to give special thanks to Kabilin Education Foundation for providing support and transportation services during the cleanup.

On the second day, participants went to Cotcot, Liloan for beach walk and coastal cleanup. The materials needed were ready: boots, gloves and sacks. The participants were divided into groups to do the cleanup. Participants were required to do a cleanup audit, where they listed down the different things they picked up in the coasts.

After the cleanup, the camp traveled to Archival’s Eco House. There, the participants was educated about sustainable household and environmental practices.

The tour guide showing the “eco bricks”, bricks made of plastic mixed with small amount of cement.

Followed by Elicon House, the participants listened to Ms. Edna Lee about Ecopreneurship and importance of sustainable practices of Green Hotels in Cebu.

Afterward, in Mayflower Inn, there was a tour in their museum, garden, and their rooms. The inn also practices sustainable household, similar to the Elicon House.

Third Day: March 31, 2019

Awardees of the best eco action-plan: Delegates from the Barangay Biasong, Talisay.

To let the participants come up with what they can do in their local communities and discuss CRM issues, the third day was dedicated to training the participants in Action Plan/ Proposal Making.

The last day of the camp was at the Alicia Apartelle. The participants were grouped and together, created an action plan for their own LGU/University and were presented to the judge and panel members of CcEF. The winning proposal was given an award and will be partially funded by CCEF’s projects.

The staff gave certificates and awards to the outstanding participants and winners of the activities.

Kudos to all the participants for their enthusiastic cooperation all throughout the camp, and for their dedication to preserving our coastal and marine resources!

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