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Regional MAO Conference Future Fitting: Integrating Scientific and Technical Support for Coastal Resource Management

Regional MAO Conference Future Fitting: Integrating Scientific and Technical Support for Coastal Resource Management

Last May 19, 2022, CCEF conducted the MAO conference held at Palm Grass Cebu Heritage, Cebu City. This event was attended by over sixty municipal agricultural officers, coastal resource management officers, and other relevant stakeholders from Cebu, Bohol, and Siquijor.

The Conference aims to integrate new innovations to maximize work and efficient coastal law enforcement in municipal and MPA. The first keynote speaker is Dr. Alan White, CCEF President, and a renowned Marine Biologist. Dr. White discussed the Coral Triangle Initiative, Marine Protected Areas, Enforcement, and Climate Change. The initiative of the MPAs in the coral triangle was mostly created to enhance fisheries production, enhance sustainable food and nutrition, generate income for communities, and conserve biodiversity. In his discussion, one of the biggest challenges in coastal law enforcement is the dedicated personnel and community involvement. The essential responses for adaptation to climate change were highlighted, such as; protecting multiple representatives of resilient habitats covering a range of physiographic conditions within the jurisdiction, identifying and reducing non-climate stresses, and conducting climate change capacity needs assessment and developing a capacity-building program.

The second keynote speaker is Mr. Noel Barut, Deputy Chief of Party and Marine Scientist from Gerry Roxas Foundation. His discussion was mainly about the Ecosystem approach to fisheries and Management (EAFM) and its integration into local MPA management plans. The EAFM is an approach that aims to promote and integrate sustainable development in the fisheries sector through Balancing ecological well-being, human well-being,  and good governance for future generations.

The last speaker was the founder of Zoog technologies, Mr. Kenneth Baylosis introduced the “OVERSEA” app to empower local fish wardens also known as, “Bantay Dagat” and the users of the app. Mr. Baylosis explained how the app works and how may users navigate the app, especially to the bantay dagat.

The second day of the MAO Conference was intended for the planning with the stakeholders for the future projects with CCEF and sharing their updates and raising their sentiments on the certain causes that affects them after the super typhoon Odette.

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