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Staff Planning and Team Building under Project WAVES
Staff planning and Team Building

Staff Planning and Team Building under Project WAVES

The CCEF staff conducted Staff Planning and Team Building under Project WAVES. The three-day activity commenced on June 24-26, 2022, and was held in Malapascua, Daanbantayan, Cebu.

 The activity aims to encourage communication and teamwork and improve morale and engagement. During the first day, CCEF had a post-activity evaluation on the recently concluded events. Afterward, the team proceeded with the staff planning and calendaring of activities for the upcoming projects. On the second day, the staff went on an island tour and appreciate the beauty of nature and the oceans. This activity also gives everyone time and space for themselves as a reward and pleasure. All the staff had a forum to share experiences and learning throughout the trip.

Mental health and well-being are also important to prioritize. Due to the demanding body of work which also deals with the community this activity helps everyone to assess themselves and reboot to always give one full effort for the community and for the ocean.

Thank you Wildlife Conservation Society for supporting our team and the work we do. Partner with us in your next team building. Please send us an email at

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