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A STAND-InMSEA Meeting for the SEAS by the SEA

A STAND-InMSEA Meeting for the SEAS by the SEA

Last June 29, 2022, in an effort to establish an integrated network-based coastal management platform for the Southeast Asian region, representatives from the countries of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and the United Kingdom attended a kick-off meeting under the Science, Technology and Action Nexus for Development (STAND) program.

Specifically, the meeting sought to develop new coastal zone management methodologies based on integrated multi-scale networks in Southeast Asia.

Among the methodologies mentioned was the Core-and-Network System (CNS) — a regional-scale monitoring network that enables informed and adaptive management of blue carbon from coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses, and coral reefs.

As discussed by Prof. Nadaoka of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the CNS makes it easier to monitor environmental conditions, socio-economic factors, temporal changes and episodic events of these blue carbon systems.

Having said that, STAND-InMSEA’s initiative to develop a platform geared towards the management of coastal ecosystems was well-received by the regional representatives in attendance, seeing as these blue carbon ecosystems do not only prevent climate change but also protect coastal communities from the impacts of rising seas and flooding, and provide important habitats for marine life.

As such, for this proposed network to be effective, Dr. Miguel Fortes of the University of the Philippines emphasized the need to practice genuine collaboration among the countries involved in STAND-InMSEA’s project, so as to guarantee the success of a comprehensive coastal management platform for the Southeast Asian coastal regions.

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