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CCEF Receives 5-Year PCNC Accreditation

CCEF Receives 5-Year PCNC Accreditation

As a duly recognized organization, the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF), much like any other NGO seeking a seal of legitimacy and foreign funding, is subject to the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC)’s evaluation process. Considering how the PCNC is a self-regulatory mechanism committed to ensuring the integrity, transparency, accountability, and quality of the nonprofit sector in the Philippines, the status of being accredited is a great honor in itself.

With this in mind, last July 12, 2022, CCEF took part in the PCNC Board’s deliberation of the organization through a Zoom conference call. Asides from presenting the necessary documents for application, the meeting also covered topics involving CCEF’s organizational purpose, governance and leadership, program/operations management, collaboration, administration, and financial management and sustainability.

With regards to ratings, applicants may be approved for either one year, three years or five years of accreditation, deferred and open to file for reconsideration, or denied status by the council.

In the case of CCEF, the organization received a 4.62 rating or a 5-year PCNC accreditation. By this means, CCEF is granted the “seal of good housekeeping” — a status that will aid the organization in terms of its funding capacities.

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