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Empowering the Youth for Sustainable Tourism

Empowering the Youth for Sustainable Tourism

July 22, 2019

With the influx of the number of tourists coming to the Philippines each year, it is no secret that along with it comes tonnes of garbage and environmental degradation. Being an archipelago, the Philippines has plenty of beaches for tourists to enjoy, and tourism has also become a major source of income to the economy. Sustainable tourism has also become a hot topic, especially in famous tourist destinations.

This July, delegates from the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange – Philippines (APYExPHL) has involved its delegates in the first-hand experience to develop sustainable development initiatives. Their theme, “Integrating the SDGs into the Sustainable Tourism Agenda.” has included one of Cebu’s top tourist destinations as its location for the community immersion.

To further empower the Youth on the Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water, the APYE has invited CCEF for a talk on Plastics and Sustainable Development in Marine Protected Areas. The delegates were asked to draw and present their own ideal sustainable tourism areas as well as also present their questions on marine conservation.

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