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Empowering Tomorrow’s Environmental Stewards: CCEF’s Successful IEC Campaign in Liloan, Cebu

Empowering Tomorrow’s Environmental Stewards: CCEF’s Successful IEC Campaign in Liloan, Cebu

The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) recently organized a highly successful Information, Education, and Communication Campaign (IEC) at the Sta. Cruz Learning Center in Liloan, Cebu, Philippines. The primary objective of this campaign was to raise awareness about the critical importance of coastal and marine ecosystems, while also addressing the threats they face. With a focus on education and communication, CCEF aimed to empower the younger generation to become proactive environmental stewards and advocates for a sustainable future.

Morning Session: Educating the Young Minds

The IEC campaign commenced with a special session catered to elementary school students. During this session, the topic of “Coastal and Marine Environment” took center stage. The aim was to introduce young minds to the significance of these ecosystems and the pressing need to protect them.

The campaign featured a compelling talk by Mr. Justine Jace R. Baisac, who passionately discussed the hazards of plastics and microplastics on the ocean. Through eye-opening examples, he shed light on the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on marine life and the broader ecosystem. The urgency of addressing this issue was emphasized to inspire the young audience to take action in their daily lives.

Subsequently, Mr. Lloyd G. Yosoya delved into the world of “Marine and Coastal Habitat.” He stressed the vital role these habitats play in supporting biodiversity, providing livelihoods for local communities, and acting as natural barriers against natural disasters. By instilling a sense of appreciation and understanding of these valuable ecosystems, the students were encouraged to become protectors of their environment.

Afternoon Session: Developing Effective Communicators

In the afternoon, CCEF’s partner, Select VoiceCom, took the reins to facilitate an engaging educational talk on effective communication. The focus of this session was to equip high school students with the necessary communication skills to become confident advocates for environmental causes.

The program featured workshops, games, and drills that helped the students develop their public speaking abilities. Effective communication, it was highlighted, serves as a powerful tool for conveying ideas, inspiring change, and engaging with peers and communities. Empowering these students with strong communication skills would enable them to become effective ambassadors for environmental conservation.

The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation’s successful IEC campaign at the Sta. Cruz Learning Center in Liloan, Cebu, left a profound impact on its young audience. By educating the students about the significance of coastal and marine ecosystems and highlighting the threats they face, CCEF set the foundation for a more environmentally conscious future.

Moreover, by providing the students with effective communication skills, the campaign empowered them to become influential advocates for environmental causes. As these young minds grow and become active members of society, they carry with them the knowledge and passion to protect and preserve their precious coastal and marine environments. CCEF’s efforts have sown the seeds for positive change, ensuring a sustainable and thriving environment for generations to come.

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