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Meet our Digital Coastal Heroes!

Meet our Digital Coastal Heroes!

Because of the recent crisis, celebrating environmental events has changed the way we help conserve the oceans: from the way we raise awareness, as well as the way we communicate. The theme of UN World Oceans Day 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean”—relates to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products—is a dynamic term, to bring hope to rising innovations amidst the crisis. many of our young environmental heroes who, did not need to do extensive research or conduct social gatherings to bring hope during the lockdown, but were instead able to raise awareness on their own initiative.

One of the initiatives to raise awareness online was done by our digital coastal hero, Denise Heredia, an IB art student at CIS (Cebu International School) whose advocacy is for cleaner coasts.

” I believe that children can be a catalyst for spreading awareness about the environment at a young age. So I chose to create coloring pages for them with coloring guides so they can gain knowledge about the different marine species and their diversity in color shape and size.I believe that one of the most effective ways to engage children is through visual stimulation, therefore, I chose to do coloring pages. This project combines my love for art and the chance to capture a child’s interest in Philippine marine life. My aim is to make children more aware of the importance of marine protection and coastal conservation, and how different species may be potentially endangered as a result of carelessness and neglect. “

Another outstanding coastal hero we have is Nico Lamberte, a Fine Arts student at the University of San Carlos. To help raise awareness for the coastal and marine resources, Nico created a comic strip inspired by Japanese and Western superheroes—thus creating the new hero Man-grove! The concept of the comic “The rise of man-grove” introduces a new and fun way for children to understand the functions of mangroves, its threats and what they can do to help.

Interested in raising awareness through your art? Send your plans to Alyza Tan at

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