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CCEF Embarks on Bold Initiative to Safeguard the Philippines’ only Double Barrier Reef

CCEF Embarks on Bold Initiative to Safeguard the Philippines’ only Double Barrier Reef

Justine Jace R. Baisac, Project Associate

[Talibon, Bohol, August 30, 2023] – The Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) has set a new marine conservation course with the Protect Danajon Project launch. This groundbreaking conservation initiative, focused on the Bohol Danajon Stretch, is a critical step toward ensuring the long-term preservation of this fragile ecosystem.

In a symbolic sail-by ceremony, local chief executives from partner municipalities in Bohol embarked on the Philippine Coast Guard BRP Cape of San Agustin to mark the official launch of the project. This ceremonial voyage not only inaugurated the Protect Danajon Project but also symbolized a unified effort to empower local coastal champions and engage various stakeholders in the protection and preservation of the Danajon Bank.

Central to the mission of the Protect Danajon Project is the reinforcement of governance structures, deepening community involvement, and promoting environmentally responsible practices. These elements are crucial in safeguarding the unique and irreplaceable Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef.

Following the launch, CCEF hosted the Bohol Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef Management 3rd Council Meeting, which brought together representatives from ten local government units spanning from Tubigon to Pres. Carlos P. Garcia. The meeting provided a platform for constructive discussions on strategies and initiatives to ensure the sustainability of this precious marine ecosystem.

As the Protect Danajon Project gains momentum, CCEF extends a heartfelt invitation to all stakeholders to join hands in this shared commitment to protect and preserve the Danajon Bank. Together, we can work toward ensuring that it remains a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

The launch event was graced by distinguished personalities, including:

Mayors from:

  • Hon. Dave Duallo – Buenavista
  • Hon. Eugeniano Ibarra – Clarin
  • Hon. Rene Borenaga – Bien unido
  • Hon. Janette A. Garcia – Talibon
  • Hon. Fernando Estavilla – CPG
  • Mrs. Nunila Pinat – Gov representative
  • Mr. Romy Teruel – Executive Assistant, Office of the Provincial Governor of Bohol

Consortium Partners:

  • Myrtle Arias – ZSL
  • Aurelio Salgados Jr – PROCESS
  • Chalie Fabrie, ARD – DENR 7
  • Richard N. Abella, DENR-CENRO, Talibon
  • PCGA Commo Holger W. Horn

Philippine Coast Guard Representatives:

  • CG LT NIEL L SIMONAMBAGAN, Commander, BRP Cape San Agustin
  • CG LT WENCESLAO JOHN M WENCESLAO, Commander, Coast Guard Station Western Bohol
  • CG LT EDZEL GONZAGA, Commander, Coast Guard Station Eastern Bohol
  • CG LT MELTON C NGALEW, Deck and Gunnery Officer, BRP Cape San Augustin.

Together, let us protect and preserve the Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef for the sake of our environment and future generations.

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