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Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Symposium at Brgy. Biasong, Talisay City

Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Symposium at Brgy. Biasong, Talisay City

VILLA TERESITA RESORT – Improper waste disposal has been one of the most heated topics in the mainstream media today, not just for its adverse effects to our environment but also for the imminent harm it brings to our marine biodiversity and even further threat and risk to humanity.

Last August 30, 2019, the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation gave their pep talk to approximately 125 attendees in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Symposium at Villa Teresita Resort, Brgy. Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu.

The symposium started with a talk from the University of the Visayas, College of Maritime Education on marine conservation. Mr. Justin Jace Baisac, CCEF-Project SMILE Associate introduced the Project SMILE and its relevance to Disaster Risk Reduction and Resiliency matter.

The presentation was followed by Mr. Lloyd G. Yosoya, CCEF Program Coordinator, regarding the Mangrove Status of Barangay Biasong. The cry-for-help imagery being shown at the slides showed the gradual degradation of the mangroves at the barangay over time. He also explained to them that the presence of habitat there is close to zero for the very fact that the place is almost uninhabitable due to the wastes and garbages. He then urged the crowd to be a part of the advocacy and support Project SMILE for its endeavor.

Afterwards, Ms. Michelle Baird, CCEF-Project SEAcured Coordinator took the stage and discussed about the Marine and Mangrove Ecosystems. During her discussion she highlighted that in order for them to get rid of the garbages, they should find the root and primary contributors of these wastes. She even added that coastal-clean ups are good but if we are slow to inform the communities about the mismanagement of their waste, then we missed the whole point. She further explained as well the implication of marine biodiversity to the livelihood of the coastal dwellers, the great benefit it brings if being steward properly.

With the audience great participation and attentiveness, they were able to decode the talk properly and respond with deep conviction. That there is really a need for us to move, in unity and in advocacy, to discipline ourselves not just in terms of waste management disposal but also in conserving our marine biodiversity, for more sustainable coasts, that truly involved communities.

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