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International Coastal Cleanup Day at Dalaguete, Cebu

International Coastal Cleanup Day at Dalaguete, Cebu

To celebrate the International Coastal Cleanup Day, CCEF partnered with UGLY Grouper- Scuba divers to help raise awareness for trash-free seas.

During the cleanup, the divers were able to collect a variety of types of plastics such as sacks, plastic bags, discarded nets, straws, car parts and cigarette butts. The scubasureros collected a total of 5 sacks of trash, or an estimated weight of 25-50kg of ocean plastics in Tawi-tawi, Dalaguete, Cebu. The cleanup was also participated by some members of the LGu of Dalaguete, and SEA Knights.

All around the world, marine and coastal ecosystems are under threat from ocean plastics. Research reveals that the Philippines is the world’s 3rd largest contributer of ocean plastics, throwing an estimated 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean ever year.

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