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CCEF attends CARE workshop for FMA9

CCEF attends CARE workshop for FMA9

Last – September 5-9, 2022, conducted the Comprehensive Assessment of Risk to Ecosystems (CARE) Workshop at the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village, Cugman, Cagayan De Oro City. The workshop was conducted with the support of the National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP) in collaboration with and funded by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDP).

The Comprehensive Assessment of Risk to Ecosystems (CARE) was developed in response to a growing demand for rapid yet comprehensive ecosystem risk assessment tools. The attendees for the workshop were the Fisheries Management Area (FMA) -9 including CCEF’s Coastal Resource Management (CRM) Officer, Ranie Ibanez. The FMA system aims to engage all coastal local government units and key sectors as fisheries managers to take on shared responsibilities for the conservation and sustainable management of the country’s fishery resources.

The National Stock Assessment Program (NSAP), whose goal is to provide information and establish the status of the country’s resources as a foundation for the development of policies and management options for the sustainable production of marine resources. Also, with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), they have already identified the Ecosystem for the Fisheries Management Area(FMA) -9 Top Species and are working to implement science-based management plans based on the results of the analysis and workshop.

The outcomes of the Comprehensive Assessment of Risk to Ecosystems (CARE) Workshop will enable policymakers to consider the impact of multiple threats, interactions among threats that may result in synergistic or antagonistic effects, and the effects of a suite of threats on whole-ecosystem productivity and functioning, as well as ecosystem services.

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