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Diverse Coral Reefs Found in Barili Waters

Diverse Coral Reefs Found in Barili Waters

As part of CCEF’s mission to enhance the skills of it’s members in conducting Coastal Resource Management, CCEF conducted a basic skills training on Point Intercept Transect (PIT) in Barili, Cebu.  This is in preparation for CCEF’s upcoming project in Siquijor and Bohol Sea in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society.

During the dive practice, divers were able to document an average of 60% Live Hard Coral (LHC) cover in the waters of Barili, indicating that it has good coral cover. Despite it not being a marine protected area, the sea was filled with different types of fish including damselfishes and butterfly fishes!

However, the reef area was noticably silty and there is a large portion near the coast that is dominated by fleshy algae, an indication that there is a pollution source nearby.

Thank you, Palalong Cliff Resort for providing us with accommodation and resources during our training!

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