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Building good governance in Talisay City

Building good governance in Talisay City

Although the words “Government” and “Governance” sound similar, they have very different meanings. The word “Government” refers to the government’s local bodies that run a community or a country. While the word “Governance” refers to the multi-stakeholdership of government bodies, private sectors, and civil societies.

NOVEMBER 13-14, 2019—-The Talisay City Development Council, together with different private and civil society sectors join together in a workshop on “Revisiting the City of Talisay Vision & Mission”.

The aim of this workshop is to integrate the goals and plans of CSOs in the Talisay Vision and Mission and promote good governance, uniting the different sectors to promote a more integrated plan and a better Talisay City.

Kudos to Talisay City for promoting the involvement of civil societies in the improvement and planning of the city!

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