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Assessing the MPA Management Effectiveness in Southeast Cebu Municipalities

Assessing the MPA Management Effectiveness in Southeast Cebu Municipalities

MPA MEAT for the Southeast Cebu was set on the 4th and 5th
week of October for the 22 MPAs in six coastal municipalities.
But, prior to the actual MPA MEAT, an orientation was conducted by the
Project Coordinator to the CCEF staff last October 13, 2019.

The MPA MEAT is an evaluation tool used to assess the MPA governance in terms of enforcement, implementation and maintenance. This 48-item rating was modified from CCEF rating system and adopted by the Marine Support Network (MSN) to assess the current status and progress of the MPAs in the Philippines. The MPA MEAT is categorized into four different levels: 1) Level 1 = Established; 2) Level 2 = Strengthened; 3) Level 3 = Sustained; and 4) Level 4 = Institutionalized.

The MPA MEAT for Southeast Cebu was conducted
in 22 MPAs in seven coastal municipalities (Argao, Dalaguete, Alcoy, Boljoon,
Oslob, Santander and Samboan) during the month of October and November 2019. It
was done through a focus group discussion (FGD) and mostly participated by the
MPA management body composing of the barangay officials, people’s organization,
bantay dagat members, representative from Municipal Environment and Natural
Resources Office (MENRO), Municipal Agriculture and Natural Resources Office
(MANRO), Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO), Fisheries Coordinator, MPA
Coordinators and Sangguniang Bayan members.

Table 1 summarizes the overall MPA MEAT scores
in 22 MPAs in Southeast Cebu. Sumilon and Tan-awan MPAs in Oslob had achieved
the highest score of 79, followed by Poblacion in Oslob (76) and Pasil MPA in
Santander (74) and all of these four MPAs had reached level 3.
Balod-Consolacion MPA in Dalaguete also reached level 3 with a score of 69.
Other MPAs that achieved level 2 were Taloot, Casay (Dalaguete), Cawayan, Poblacion
(Alcoy), Guiwang-Daanglungsod, Granada, Arbor, Gawi, Bangcogon and Colase.
Meanwhile, most of the MPA in the Municipality of Argao were in level 1
(Established) because management at the MPA level were not sustained.

Table 1. Summary of the MPA MEAT results conducted in 22 MPAs in Southeast Cebu.

Municipalities Marine Sanctuaries Overall MPA
MEAT Scores
MPA Effectiveness MPA
Argao Guiwanon 60 Very Good 1
  Taloot 47 Very Good 2
  Binlod 41 Very Good 1
  Bulasa 44 Very Good 1
  Langtad 44 Very Good 1
  Poblacion 44 Very Good 1
  Talaga 41 Very Good 1
  Bogo 41 Very Good 1
  Tulic 43 Very Good 1
  Casay 44 Very Good 1
Dalaguete Casay 66 Excellent 2
  Cawayan 66 Excellent 2
  Balod-Consolacion 69 Excellent 3
Alcoy Poblacion 60 Very Good 2*
66 Excellent 2
Boljoon Granada 68 Excellent 2
  Arbor 63 Excellent 2
Oslob Gawi 66 Excellent 2
  Poblacion 76 Excellent 3
  Tan-awan 79 Excellent 3
  Bangcogon 77 Excellent 2
  Sumilon 79 Excellent 3
Santander Pasil 74 Excellent 3
Samboan Colase 63 Excellent 2

Overall recommendations for the MPAs in Southeast Cebu include:

  1. Revisit, re-evaluation and reorganization of the MPA management body or group at the MPA level particularly in the Municipality of Argao.
  2. Reactivation of Municipal CLET and Cluster enforcement to address both illegal fishing activities within MPA and municipal waters.
  3. Review and updating of local ordinances and MPA management plan and activities that will improve MPA resiliency to climate change impact.
  4. Incorporate the MPA management plan in the municipal Comprehensive Land Used Plan or Annual Investment Plan (AIP) to ensure regular budget allocation.
  5. Develop sustainable ecotourism program as source of alternative livelihood of the people’s organization and management group managing the MPA.
  6. Develop long-term IEC program and campaigns to increase people’s awareness and promote behavioral change.
  7. For the M&E, seek the technical assistance of the local non-government organization (NGO) or academe in conducting socioeconomic assessment training for the local management body. LGU must allocate budget to support the socioeconomic surveys.

Kudos to all the MPA managers and fish wardens for your commitment in protecting the marine and coastal resources!

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