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CCEF hosts the Mananga Estuary Integrated Area Development Planning

CCEF hosts the Mananga Estuary Integrated Area Development Planning

December 16-17, 2019—CCEF hosted the Mananga Estuary Integrated Area Development Planning. Participants located in the downstream area of the Mananga River attended the planning-workshop meeting and expressed the issues and lessons learned in their own communities. Participants include representatives from Barangay Biasong, Pooc, Dumlog and their SK council members.

The Integrated Area Development Planning started with opening remarks from the CCEF Executive Director, Mr. Auburn Patrick Samson, followed by a short inspirational message from the Biasong Barangay Captain, Hon. Reynaldo Bas.

Afterwards, Project SMILE Associate, Mr. Justine Jace Baisac presented an overview of Project SMILE followed by the presentation of the profile of Barangay Biasong and the highlights during the Convergence Meeting by Mr. Lloyd Yosoya. Results from the prior Solid Waste Management Workshop planning with Barangay Biasong was also presented during the Integrated Area Development Planning, facilitated by CCEF Communications and Development Officer, Ms. Alyza Noelle Tan.

The Planning session was then divided into three: Biasong SB Council, SK council and Barangay Pooc and Dumlog Solid Waste Management Committees. Issues and concerns raised during their presentation of plans and interventions were mostly on illegal and unregulated activities in the coastal areas such as illegal extraction of sand and gravel, illegal disposal of hazardous waste, unregulated conversion and cutting of mangroves, and dynamite fishing. However, most participants envision the Mananga Estuary to soon become a tourist destination in the long term if managed well.

Closing remarks were led by the Biasong Committee Chair on Environment, Mr. Eljohn Fabrica. Thank you to all the participants for your commitment and involvement during the activity.

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