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CCEF to conduct scientific study for the proposed turtle eco-tourism in Dalaguete

CCEF to conduct scientific study for the proposed turtle eco-tourism in Dalaguete

On November 9, 2022, CCEF met with the mayor of Dalaguete, Honorable Ronald Allan G. Cesante, to discuss Resolution No. 169-2022, which requests that CCEF perform scientific research in municipal waters between Barangay Coro and Manangal for the planned Sea Turtle Eco-tourism Park. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Dalaguete, LGU’s Fisheries Technician, and some CCEF staff.

Mayor Cesante addressed the DENR’s request for scientific evidence to support the designation of the land as an Eco-Tourism Park. As a result, Dalaguete’s Sangguniang Bayan issued Resolution No. 169-2022 through SB member Felix Villacorta. Mr. Samson discussed the elements that CCEF would evaluate for the declaration, such as the exact species, its habits, feeding, nesting, and spawning, and so on. He also included the concept that the property has been designated as a Marine Protected Area.

Mayor Cesante stressed that the research would focus on the protection and conservation of marine species, as well as teaching coastal communities about the importance of conservation. This rather than it is being done for income increasing motives stating “if it comes, it will come. “By the grace of God”. He wished to protect marine animals from human interference and hazards. As a result, he agrees with the parameters proposed by CCEF.

In response to the resolution, CCEF will issue a letter outlining the operations of Dalaguete MLGU and CCEF.

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