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Reef Ecosystems Improved Thru Effective Fisheries Governance

Reef Ecosystems Improved Thru Effective Fisheries Governance

Remote fishing communities in Northern Cebu were capacitated and organized by CCEF through this project that has the support of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Project Description

The project assists fishing communities in four northern municipalities of the Province of Cebu to improve the management of the 16 Marine Protected Areas found along their coastline. With the formation of an IFARMC or Integrated Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Council, the community members took it upon themselves to patrol the MPAs against illegal activities. Community members were trained and became deputized by the Philippine National Police. These deputized wardens, or Bantay Dagat were successful in preventing the illegal harvesting of samu or Sargassum seaweed.

The community members also received livelihood training in the form of rice trading to help them tide the stormy season when it becomes difficult to fish.




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