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Advocating MPA Science-Based Designs through IEC Advocacy

Advocating MPA Science-Based Designs through IEC Advocacy

There is an urgent need to translate research findings of good MPA design into popular language and media. This enables effective decision making at the community level thus helps in bringing about real benefits to the fishery.

Project description

Establishment of MPAs in the Philippines is a largely influenced by socio-political and economic factors, thus, a number of MPAs are currently not meeting its objective, especially as a fisheries management tool. These negative practices need urgent correction to prevent waste of funds, effort and potential benefits. This project carried out IEC activities where the knowledge acquired through years of rigorous scientific research where translated to popular educational materials that were understood by the local communities, MPA management bodies, children, youth and teachers to contribute to more effective MPA designs, thus enhanced fishery benefits.

Advocacy through the information, education and communication materials is essential in the dissemination of research findings that are critical to letting local fisheries understand that good MPA design leads to better fisheries management and food security. There is an urgent need to translate and publish scientific findings into popular language and media (e.g., posters, booklets, educational computer games) in order to bring relevant messages to local communities which include future generation of coastal habitat and resource and managers i.e., grade school and high school students. Through IEC, our materials contributed to more effective decision making in establishing and managing MPA designs, thus, helping bring out real fishery benefits. Currently, a second MPA is being proposed for Apo Island. This project partially supported and facilitated the achievement of the processes involved to a proposed MPA status.

Project date:  October, 2014



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