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Reef Resilience

Reef Resilience

Reef Resilience is one of CCEF’s smaller projects and is designed to train people regarding coral bleaching. It is intended as one of the first steps in building communities resilient to climate change and global warming.

Project Description

Through the support of US Department of States’ Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science, CEEF in collaboration with Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) began a small project in building resilience into the reefs of Siquijor against climate change and global warming. The project involves four objectives:

  • Organize and capacitate a community watch group with the necessary skills to detect, monitor, and respond to coral bleaching events
  • Carry out a preliminary assessment of the nearby reef
  • Conduct trainings on a standardized monitoring protocol and propose a bleaching response plan for the community watch group to follow
  • Produce a local monitoring manual to more quickly and accurately detect coral bleaching events
Project date: March, 2012 to October, 2012


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