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Research and Monitoring

Research and Monitoring

Through scientific reef monitoring, partners become more aware about the conditions of their marine habitats and MPAs. Data collected contributes to MPA management.

 Project description

ReMoTe or Research and Monitoring Team is CCEF’s group of marine biologists tasked with assessing the conditions of coastal habitats found in various parts of the Philippines. Their main work is to monitor the state of coral reefs that has undergone some form of management intervention. The data that is collected by the team is useful in steering management directions. ReMoTe assists community members in setting up the physical boundaries of MPAs, train local communities in assessing their coastal environment through Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment, and other tasks require on the field. CCEF’s longest running project, SPR, employ RemoTe when they go to week long expeditions to assess the status of important coral reef areas in the Philippines.

All members of ReMoTe are experienced SCUBA divers whose minimum level of certification is Rescue SCUBA Diver.




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