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Bato Seagrass and Fish Sanctuary

Year established: 
Local, community managed
Bato, BadianCebu, Philippines

Community-Based Resource Management Project (CBRMP) started the project. After CBRMP, the Coastal Resource Management Project (CRMP) resumed CRM activities. Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment (PCRA) and capacity building trainings were conducted. The Municipality of Badian and its fishing communities through their respective fisherfolk organizations seriously consider and adopt the policies on sustainable use of resources within its municipal waters and coastal zone to ensure food security as the overriding consideration in the utilization, management, development, conservation and protection of fishery resources; and pursue sustainable development to be able to address their social, economic and ecological concerns and needs, thus, the local government unit of Badian hereby declare as MARINE PROTECTED AREAS: FISH AND SEA GRASS SANCTUARIES.
Year of rating Rating system Rating score
2008 CCEF MPA Rating (19 pts) MPA is established – Fair. Level 2

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