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Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

Year established: 

Tubbataha Reef, CagayancilloPalawan, Philippines


The primary purpose for the establishment of this marine park is to protect and preserve the coral reef atoll with its abundant and diverse reef assemblages, including the marine turtles and water birds found roosting in the area.

In 1988, Tubbataha Reef was declared as a National Marine Park by virtue of PD 306. Then in 1993, it was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its exceptional and universal value. In 1995, a Presidential Task Force was set up to serve as a policy and program coordinating body. The Philippine Navy was assigned to guard the park. CRMP refined the management plan together with JICA support, DENR, PCSD, WWF, and stakeholders in Palawan and Cagayancillo. By 1998, PAMB was formed based on DENR/CRMP recommendations. In 1999, PAMB becomes operational with a park manager appointed and supported by WWF based on management plan designed by CRMP. Marine Parks Center Japan engaged CRMP and Sulu Fund to facilitate the construction of a park ranger station. By 2000, management plan was fully endorsed by PAMB for implementation and fee structure designed based on willingness-to-pay study of CRMP and WWF.

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