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Pablita T. Huerbana

An Administrative and Accounting Assistant that holds an important
function in CCEF as she is in charge of processing of cash advances,
reimbursement, government remittances, and other duties as needed. From being a
volunteer since 1998 to an official staff of CCEF since 2005. “While I’m still
alive and my health condition is in good term and so I am willing to work in
CCEF on the coming more years,” she said. Feel so content and happy with her
job as she was not just working but also she helps the environment by being
part of CCEF which is into conserving coast. She was so thankful that she
became this professional about environment and also applies her environmental
protection passion in everywhere that she went, even taught her child and young
ones on how to conserve our environment by doing minor actions that would
eventually create major impacts to our environment. Ultimately, CCEF plays a
crucial role in helping people to live more sustainable lifestyles.

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