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Marilyn E. Alilay

An Office and Field Assistant, one of the highly dedicated and hardworking staff of CCEF is now at her 14 years working as a part of organization. Started at the age 29 and now she’s 44 but still foresee herself working at CCEF years from now. “If you’re so satisfied with your work, you would be committed,”she said. Though she was undergraduate yet CCEF mold her to be the best that she could be and gave her the chance to showcase her skills and knowledge that basically developed herself. Learn the environmental knowledge from sustaining and conservation of coast that would really involve communities and improvement in quality of life to take up causes related to the environment such as waste management, biodiversity, conservation, environmental degradation, protecting mangroves and coral reefs and more. “I have come this long way because of CCEF and I thank God for that,” she added.

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