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Sharing the story of Badian

Sharing the story of Badian

Located at the southwest side of the Cebu Island, Badian lies just beside the tourist spot Moalboal, where many tourists go out to venture for its famous sardine run and a vast array of coral reefs.

Moalboal and Badian were both CCEF’s project sites for more than a decade ago. In fact, last 2013 CCEF’s annual Saving Philippine Reefs Expedition was held there as well. These two municipalities have been very active in coastal resource management since the establishment of Saavedra Marine Sanctuary and Zaragosa Island Fish Sanctuary in 1987 wherein they are two examples of the well managed small marine protected areas in the Philippines. But according to the last SPR report in 2013, there are still some “challenges of sustaining the efforts to enforce the law against illegal activities, strengthen MPA management bodies in other MPAs and the ever-growing volume of tourism“.

Last May 8, 2019, Representatives from the Municipality of Badian and Moalboal came to the Saving Philippine Reefs Expedition at the Kasai Village Resort and gave insights on their experience with CCEF in the past years.

Left to right: CCEF Project Coordinator, Tan; CCEF President and Founder, Dr. Alan White; Badian representative, Carlina Alquizalas; CCEF Board member and Founder Evangeline White and CCEF Executive Director, Moonyeen Alava

During the evening session, Carlina Alquizalas, representative of Badian came to give a warm thank you in behalf of their municipality and Mayor for CCEF’s projects and works in Badian.

“At the outset we wish to thank the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) for including Badian in your CRM programs for decades now. Such CRM programs had somehow helped Badian push forward its CRM concerns.” said Alquizalas

“From 1 MPA in 1999, we were able to establish 6 MPAs in 2006 and 7 this year. We are now introducing this year the concept of territorial user rights on fisheries. We are now identifying 3 managed areas and a sanctuary. Likewise, we are pushing now for behavioral changes among our fisherfolks.”

“We know we have a lot to do yet in CRM” Alquizalas added “We are welcoming you to come to Badian to explore, to experience, and to enjoy”

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