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Ocean’s Eventual Betterment Through Mangrove Nursery Establishment

Ocean’s Eventual Betterment Through Mangrove Nursery Establishment

The recent mangrove survey the Project SMILE team conducted (last November 23, 2020) shows that the regeneration rate in the mangrove area has reached up to 19 regeneration per m2  in comparison from regeneration rate of only 0.3 regeneration per m2 last year. Through the continuous efforts of Project SMILE and different partners and stakeholders, the spaces which were once filled with trash are now replaced with the natural growth of mangrove seedlings.

Naturally growing mangrove seedlings grow clumped together with other seedlings, making the competetion for space and nutrients high and difficult for the seedlings to survive to full growth. Thus, it is recommended that mangrove seedlings will be cultivated in a a mangrove nursery until they are ready for permanent planting. A Mangrove Nursery is a place where seedlings are cultivated until they are ready for permanent planting.

Since the need to rehabilitate and reforest mangrove forests align with Project SMILE objectives, the establishment of mangrove nurseries has been in accordance with our efforts for the sustainability of our ocean and for the holistic development of the community.

On November 27,
2020, theMangrove Nursery Establishment Training Program was
held at the Barangay Biasong aiming to benefit the Biasong Women’s Association
(BWA) with the objectives (1) to educate vital procedures and steps to
establish mangrove nursery; (2) to inculcate essential commitment and necessary
attitude towards the sustainability and success of the project; (3) to conduct
a lecture and an on-site demonstration on mangrove seedling production, and
have an (4) end-goal to capacitate the said association to be able to sell
their seedlings to CCEF, Inc. partners for mangrove planting activities

The training
program was attended by the various offices and partners of the Project SMILE
(University of the Visayas – Community Relations and Linkages Office, UV –
College of Maritime Education and the Department of Agriculture, City of
The program began with an
opening message from the Punong Barangay of Biasong, Hon. Reynaldo C. Bas, extending
his warmest greetings to the attendees, stressing out the environmental
importance and the future implication of the activity.

The women from BWA underwent a two-phased training (lecture and on-site) with the assistance and guidance of the Cotcot Women’s Association (CWA) who have an extensive experience and wide knowledge in the aspect of mangrove nursery establishment. The participants showed tremendous willingness on learning the intricacies of the subject, raising important questions, and manifesting great enthusiasm by collecting for themselves mangrove seedlings during the actual on-site training.

The program went into culmination through the handing of certificates of participation and having their lunch served. With smiles on their faces, the participants expressed their deep gratitude to CCEF, Inc. for opening them an opportunity not just to earn income but to ultimately give back to our ocean the care that it really deserves. 

CCEF is working hand in hand with stakeholders to empower coastal communities.Through the Project SMILE and the sustainable mangrove program, we are not only able to provide communities a sustainable source of livelihood, but also give them the opportunity to become part of the solution to emerging environmental threats in Talisay. Help us give back to the community in Biasong by supporting our #Lend A Blue Hand program.

Partner with us and send us an email at or contact us at (032)233-6909.

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