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Solid Waste Management Workshop for Biasong Talisay

Solid Waste Management Workshop for Biasong Talisay

In collaboration with the University of the Philippines-Cebu, Graduate Studies in Environmental Studies, CCEF organizes a workshop on Solid Waste Management titled “Solid Waste Management Workshop: Policies and Sustainable Practices” at Harolds Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City.

The workshop aims to improve the current solid waste management practices in Barangay Biasong, Talisay through planning, sharing of insights and experiences from environmental workers and experts in the field of Waste Management.

The workshop started with the welcoming remarks from the CCEF Program Coordinator, Mr. Lloyd Yosoya which was followed by a short message from the Biasong Barangay Captain, Hon. Reynaldo Bas. The plans and objectives of Project SMILE was also presented by SMILE Project Associate, Mr. Justine Jace Baisac prior to the seminar proper on Solid Waste Management

The talk on Solid Waste Management has kickstarted with a short presentation on the overview of SWM by Dr. Patricia Nazareno, Associate Professor from the University of the Philippines-Cebu. During her talk, she started with the line that “Wastes are always a consequence of lack of knowledge”, emphasizing that proper solid waste management always starts with raising awareness.

A profile of the Barangay Biasong was also presented by the CCEF Communications and Development Officer, Alyza Noelle Tan, such as their current demographics, hazards and waste composition based on the results during the International Coastal Cleanup Month last September. Details regarding the RA 9003: Ecological Solid Waste Management Act was then discussed by graduate students in environmental studies from the University of the Philippines-Cebu: Ms. Kay Espinosa, Ms. Alyza Noelle Tan, and Ms. Elina Rivera.

During the afternoon session, the LGU of Biasong, Talisay were divided into groups for their planning on Solid Waste Management, facilitated by Ms. Jenny Ann Faunillan. Each group presented their goal, issues, timeline, activities, and estimated budget to take action on their problems with their Solid Waste Management System.

Each group then presented their plans to the other participants, and recommendations were also given to each plan.

We thank all the participants, facilitators and organizers for your involvement and dedication to help improve the environmental sustainability in Barangay Biasong Talisay!

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