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Supporting Coastal and Upland Greenbelts for Typhoon Resiliency

Supporting Coastal and Upland Greenbelts for Typhoon Resiliency

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Because of the strong impacts of the Typhoon, many of the mangroves and upland forest trees have been cut off. Mangroves and Tropical Forests play an important role in protecting communities from strong winds, storm surge, temperature regulation and in mitigating the impacts to climate change. Part of the goals of the Project DEEPER is to empower communities by reforesting degraded upland and coastal forests from the impacts of Typhoon Odette.

Last June, CCEF in partnership with the Municipality of Talibon and Ubay mobilized a total of 100 community members for an upland and mangrove planting activity in Busalian, Liputon-Kauswagan Forest in Talibon and in Humayhumay and UWASSCO Kalanggaman Forest in Ubay. Four different tree planting task forces were mobilized for the acitivty, namely the Birhen sa Kalooy Fishermen Association, the Tabon Young Farmer’s Association, Humayhumay Fisherfolk Associaiton and Ubay Watershed Services Cooperative.

During the mangrove planting, Sharmaine Diez, CCEF Project Associate also conducted a short orientation and mangrove nursery establishment training for the mangrove planting participants, including the importance of mangroves, proper zonation and site selection and the difference and impact of planting the right species.

The Bohol Province Environmental Management Office (BPEMO), also donated a total of 400 upland tree seedlings to help denuded forest areas in Talibon and Ubay. Three hundred (300) of the Sonneratia caseolaris mangrove seedlings were also planted in coastal areas of Talibon and Ubay to replace the dead mangrove trees.

Thank you to all our partners, Municipality of Talibon and Ubay and BPEMO for your continuous support for out project.

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