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Strengthening the MPA management in Lazi,Siquijor

Strengthening the MPA management in Lazi,Siquijor

             In line with the efforts towards food security through strengthening the management of marine habitats and protection of our coastal resources in the waters surrounding the province of Siquijor, the Siquijor Provincial Coastal Resource Management Alliance (SPCRMA) conducted a 3-day planning workshop at the cluster level on Marine Protected Area management and coastal Law Enforcement for the municipality of Lazi, Siquijor.

The workshop/training aims to enhance knowledge and capacity of stakeholders to better manage and protect the existing MPA and other coastal resources.  The planning workshop were attended by the barangay captains, officials and tanods  of the different coastal barangays of Lazi Siquijor namely, Simacolong, Talayong, Lower Cabangcalan,  Catamboan, Gabayan, and Campalanas. The first day of the training workshop talks about the updates, issues and concern of the existing MPA of the said municipality, SWOT analysis, identification and/or review of role and responsibilities in the management of the MPA of the different barangays were also done. On the second day of the workshop Identification of specific management which is the Action – Planning Workshop on MPA program per barangay were facilitated by the CCEF staff.

In the other hand inputs on laws and regulation and basic law enforcement protocols were discussed by the representatives of BFAR region 7.  On the last day of the workshop Mr. Darrell Pasco gave a lecture about Pre- boarding and boarding procedures (CLE protocol) base on SPCRMA manual and the last workshop in titled Implementation arrangement were given by CCEF staff. Giving of certificates for the participants were facilitated by the municipal mayor, vice mayor and MAO of the Municipality  of Lazi.

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