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Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape

Year established: 2000Area: 111,339.00Management: NIPAsLocation: Malampaya Sound, San Vicente, Palawan, PhilippinesDescription: The MPA was established to improve and stabilize, in a sustainable way, the marine and forest resources as stakeholders depend on them socially and economically. Provide tenure…

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El Nido-Taytay Managed Reserve Protected Area

Year established: 1998Area: 90,321.00Management: NIPAsLocation: El Nido, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines Description: This protected area covers over36,000 hectares of land and 54,000 hectares of marine watersHistory: First established as a forest reserve, was then expanded to become a marine reserve…

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Cawili Marine Reserve

Year established: 2003Area: 35.70Management: Local, community managedLocation: Cawili, Cagayancillo, Palawan, Philippines Description: The MPA was established to achieve the ff.1. To provide refuge for intensively fished species of fish2. To introduce endangered species of mollusks for restocking and tourism…

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Binduyan Sabang Reef Fish Sanctuary

Year established: 2002Area: 40.00Management: Local, community managedLocation: Sabang, Puero Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines History: * A resolution emanated from the barangay proposing a Fish Sanctuary Project; * multi-sectoral consultations were conducted; * potential sites were reviewed and validated; *…

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Bato Seagrass and Fish Sanctuary

Year established: 2003Area: 25.00Management: Local, community managedLocation: Bato, Badian, Cebu, Philippines History: Community-Based Resource Management Project (CBRMP) started the project. After CBRMP, the Coastal Resource Management Project (CRMP) resumed CRM activities. Participatory Coastal Resource Assessment (PCRA) and capacity building…

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Batasan Marine Sanctuary

Year established: 1999Area: 21.00Management: Local, community managed, Location: Batasan Island, Tubigon, Bohol, Philippines History: Barangay resolution no. 1 series of 1999 (partly initiated by CRMP-Haribon in coordination with Project Seahorse Foundation) *Community concerned for their marine resources *HARIBON-Project Seahorse catalyzed…

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